Returning after a 2 year hiatus, the Legendary Boomtown Bourbon was the whiskey that started it all here at the little distillery in Old Humble, Texas.

Our Legendary
Boomtown Bourbon

We have rereleased our Legendary Boomtown Bourbon after a 2 year hiatus. You can get the FIRST BOTTLES OF THE NEW BATCH were released on January 27.

This whiskey is a Texas original! We start by harvesting our own rain then filtering it 3 different ways. This means our water is completely free of heavy minerals, chemicals, and impurities of any kind.

We then use a somewhat traditional tri-grain mash bill, but go heavy on the corn and a little light on the rye. What this gives us is a smoother, cleaner tasting whiskey without the heavy spice from rye grains.

We then age our whiskey in 5 gallon barrels for aywhere from 6 to 9 months to provide a well aged, but balanced flavor to our whiskey.

It’s bourbon the way bourbon should taste, the official whiskey of camp fires, cook outs, and great stories.


Every once in a while, we’ll be sending you updates, stories (like how our master distiller quit his job an decided to make whiskey for a living), and check in on you. That sound good to you?

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